Resources dedicated to women living with HIV.
Living Well: Women with HIV is a comprehensive resource for women offering wide ranging information about living with HIV, disclosing HIV status, having sex, taking treatment, caring for your body, having children, keeping well and getting support.

Unlike general resources, Living Well addresses many of the specific issues faced by women with HIV including increased risk of thrush, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), human papillomavirus (HPV), cervical cancer and osteoporosis.

HIV may trigger menstrual changes and many antiretroviral treatments reduce the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives, increasing the likelihood of pregnancy.

The resource also addresses issues associated with pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding.

Development of Living Well benefited enormously from the input of many positive women but particularly Femfatales (the National Network of Women living with HIV), Positive Women Victoria and women from Living Positive Victoria.

Access to Living Well: Women Living with HIV here (

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