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OUR LIVES - We all play a role in Ending HIV Stigma


The stigma surrounding HIV is still very real and present for the estimated 27 thousand people living with HIV nationally. It comes in many forms and can reach beyond the individual to affect friends and family. Stigma can have lasting effects on the wellbeing of those it is directed at. In 2017, we have the opportunity to end the stigma associated with HIV.


The Our Lives campaign, explores the lives of three HIV positive South Australians and their personal experiences of HIV stigma and discrimination in 2017. Hear the stories of Kath, Adrian and Greg, as they discuss how stigma affects their lives and ways they've found to combat it.


With the Our Lives video campaign, we aim to address HIV stigma and convey a message that HIV can effect anyone. We as a community can help end HIV stigma through education and empathy for one another. ‘We all play a role in Ending HIV Stigma’