Whether you are concerned about your use of methamphetamines or want help managing your meth use, we have trained Peer Educators that can help.

Our Peer Educators and Health Promotion Officers are here to have an informal chat about meth use. They can talk about experiences of recovery and recovery services available to gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men as well as trans men and transmasculine people.

SAMESH can also provide information on safe sex practices, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, testing, and treatment options. SAMESH can also provide safe sex party packs which include condoms, lube, dams, internal condoms, and gloves.

We also have a Clean Needle Program (CNP) running from our Hyde Street Office. Here you can access fit packs and sharps containers for Chemsex or PnP. Our basic fit packs contain either 10, 20, or 40 needles as well as swabs and containers. Needles packs are available in sizes of 1mm, 3mm, or 5mm gauges.

Resources and further supports

Touchbase is Australias LGBTIQ+ alcohol and other drug information and support service, containing a great deal of accessible information to help keep you informed, safe and well.

The Cottage, an alcohol and other drug service in Adelaide for LGBTIQ community members offered by Thorne Harbour Health.

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