Whatcha Packin’?

Each month, a group of dedicated volunteers meet over coffee and cake to help SAMESH continue a long legacy of HIV prevention work and health promotion — packing condoms. This has been an ongoing tradition with some of our volunteers attending condom packing groups since the early 2000s!

The SAMESH team enjoys sitting down with some of the veteran condom packers to chat, connect, and hear stories of their adventures and colourful lives. It also provides a glimpse into South Australia’s LGBTIQ+ history and what has changed.

SAMESH hands out at least 20,000 condoms each year in the promotion of safe sex options.
This includes:

  • Providing a selection of condom sizes to the local gay sauna
  • Handing out condoms at various events such as university O-Week and Feast Festival
  • Supplying condoms to a number of community groups
  • Having condom packs readily available at 57 Hyde Street for clients and community members

Condoms still play an essential role in STI & HIV prevention, alongside other tools for HIV prevention such as PEP, PrEP and U=U. Find out more at What Works 

Want to get involved?

Condom packing sessions run from 11 am-2 pm on the third Thursday of each month. Coffee and snacks provided. Contact Us to get involved.

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