Connected Likeminded Guys at DALE is an online community dedicated to same-sex attracted and questioning men in a heterosexual relationship or lifestyle. For many guys in this situation feelings of isolation, stigma and shame can be an all-too real part of their experience. DALE has been created to connect likeminded guys in a safe and supportive online space.

On the DALE website, there is information, forums, and live chat sessions. Participating in the forums and live chats allows same-sex attracted guys to talk with other guys with similar experiences.

DALE includes articles and stories men talking about their experiences of being in a heterosexual relationship and working through the emotions, stigma, and feelings of shame in their attraction to men. If needed, there is also a list of services across Australia that can offer support and non-judgemental spaces to find more information.

If you are a man in a heterosexual relationship who may be experiencing feelings of same-sex attraction, or you are a mental health professional working with men who have discussed this with you, DALE may be a place for support and information.

Visit to check out what’s on offer and become a part of the online community.

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